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Look who’s #1
I like to share good news, just like I enjoy hearing everyone else’s good news. So, I hope you don’t mind indulging me in some good news sharing.
I decided to run a free promotion for my debut novel, “Off Kilter” this week (April 15-19) in the hopes of attracting more readers to my books. Well, here’s the good news: “Off Kilter” reached the top spot for Thrillers this weekend on Amazon’s Top 100 Free e-books list. That was really cool to see. It’s the first time I’ve ever hit number 1 on that list. But, what’s even better news is that it reached #3 overall across all genres! Again, that’s the highest I’ve ever ranked on Amazon’s top 100 e-books list.
That means that the promotion I paid for is doing its job and getting my name and my work out there and readers are picking it up and reading it. That’s really good news for an author.

If you haven’t picked up your Kindle e-book copy yet, hurry. The promotion ends April 19th.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it and feel like you are part of the adventure. I also hope you’ll share your experience with other readers by leaving a review on Amazon for me. That would be very helpful.

Off Course is trending higher, too!

The other good news coming out of this weekend is that my second book, “Off Course,” is also trending upward. It reached #39 on the top 100 in the Thriller category for paid e-books and has stayed at or near the top 50 all weekend (at #51 right now). That, too, is an exciting trend that I hope continues.

And don’t forget, “Off Guard” is available for pre-sale.

Book 3 in the trilogy is now available on Amazon for pre-sale. It’s due to drop on May 25th and is only $2.99.
Happy reading everyone!

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