Books I Read in February 2018

Books I Read in February 2018


As I’ve been preparing to work on the next draft of my upcoming novel, I’ve delved heavily into reading in the thriller/military techno thriller genre. Part of the reason for this is to get my own creative juices flowing, part of it is because once I get hooked on a character and his/her story, I can’t put it down. Hence, you’ll see the same author repeatedly one my “read list” as I work my way through a series.

I’ve written previous posts about the importance of reading. I’ve mentioned how I read to my nine-year-old and I love to field his questions about the people and the places we’re reading about. It’s fun to see his imagination light up and his curiosity spark. His older siblings were the same. My wife and I have read to each of them when they were young and as a result, they enjoy losing themselves in a good book whenever possible. School and work and the demands of life often make that difficult, as you may have experienced, but reading is good for the mind and good for the soul.

In February, I devoured four installments of the “Jet” series by Russell Blake. Yes, it’s fantastic in the outrageousness of the situations this female protagonist finds herself in and from which she extricates herself. Yes, it stretches the limits of reality. Yes, she’s almost super human. But, so what. It’s fun and it’s mostly clean, and there’s a certain amount of tongue-in-cheek to it all. That’s the beauty of fiction.

My son and I also finished another installment of “The Heroes of Olympus” series by Rick Riordan. This features Percy Jackson, a character that has captured the imagination of kids old (like me) and young (like my son). It centers on Greek mythology, which I have never bothered to learn much about. Nonetheless, I find it fascinating. I have to assume the Mr. Riordan is making up a bunch of this mythology, but I might be wrong.

During lunch one day, I downloaded and read an entire Stephen King book. Actually, it was a novella – only 66 pages. It was riveting. In true Stephen King style, he brought the reader into a strange situation and made you believe it was very real and very plausible – enough so that I couldn’t put it down once I started. Another fun, quick read that made my mind whir.

More recently, I have delved into Tim Tigner’s books at the behest of a mutual friend. Tim lives a zip code or two away from me, so, at first, it was all about supporting the local guy. After reading “Chasing Ivan,” a novella that introduces us to Kyle Achilles and his unusual assortment of skills and hobbies that lend themselves nicely to a successful career as a spy. Tigner’s style is at once engaging and conversational. It’s storytelling at it’s finest. He draws out suspense by giving you access to a wealth of knowledge pinging inside the characters’ heads, guiding their decisions and motivating their sometimes-unpredictable actions. He keeps the reading guessing, or, I should say, wanting to know more as he leads us through his dynamic and intricate plots. Again, really fun reading. If you like spy novels, you’ll love the Kyle Achilles series.

Whilst doing all this reading, I’m preparing to run a half marathon, working hard at my day job, hanging out with my family, keeping up with the Warriors, writing another revision of my fourth novel, and doing some home improvement projects.  Once in a while I try to get some sleep, too.

Here’s my list of books read in February 2018:

The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan 586 pages
Jet #6 – Justice by Russell Blake 248 pages
Jet #7 – Sanctuary by Russell Blake 250 pages
Jet #8 – Survival by Russell Blake 269 pages
Jet #9 – Escape by Russell Blake 286 pages
Riding the Bullet by Stephen King 66 pages
Chasing Ivan by Tim Tigner 174 pages
Pushing Brilliance by Tim Tigner 375 pages

Add your comments about what you’ve been reading lately. I’d love to hear about it.


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