Why I Like Yard Work

Why I like working in the yard

Joy or Chore?

Yardwork. The very thought makes some people cringe and want to run for the hills. Other people love it so much they build it into their daily routine. Many of the rest of us are fairly hit or miss. We want the nicely mowed, trimmed, and raked yard. Manicured. That’s the word they use, Continue reading “Why I Like Yard Work”

Why I like to drive

After my last post, you might think that I am completely opposed to being cooped up in a coupe or sequestered in a sedan. The truth is that is not the truth. Most of the time, I enjoy driving quite a bit for several reasons.

Down Time

Driving is a multi-purpose activity. It gets us where we want to go and can be exhilarating in the process. Now, when you say “exhilarating,” most people think that involves speed. It can, sure. But, for me, it usually involves music, conversation, thinking time, or a combination of the three. In other words, its time where I try not to be embroiled in managing people or situations or checking tasks off my list. Driving time can be, if you work at it, a little bit of “me time.” Continue reading “Why I like to drive”

Why I love the outdoors

Why I love the outdoors

First Memory in the Outdoors

Not long ago, my brothers and my dad and I were sitting around reminiscing. Our family has always enjoyed outdoor adventures and has spent a fair amount of time camping and hiking and canoeing. During that stroll down memory lane, my dad recalled a father’s and son’s campout we attended with a group from church. According to him, I was about three and we camped at Franklin Canyon, set back in the Santa Monica mountains beyond Beverly Hills. I don’t remember much, but I do remember that I enjoyed following my older brothers as we went exploring. I also liked sleeping under the stars hearing the wind in the trees.

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Why I Hike

The Physical

I like to hike. It’s good exercise and it’s a good way to get “out there,” wherever that may be. Sometimes, a hike starts at the foot of the hill a block away from my house. Other times, I travel hundreds of miles after months of planning and preparation and training. Either way, it’s a great way to see something other than the inside of an office or a house or a car.

Hiker on Trail

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Why I Write

Two words: Backspace and Delete.

These vital tools are not available to us when we speak. We all like to express ourselves, but not all of us have the impromptu elegance or instinctively savvy tongue we’d like. Sometimes things come out of our mouths wrong.  Often, we’re in a hurry to just get it out, to be heard. We can’t always think clearly or properly before we speak and when we do, we don’t always think right or carefully or all the way through to the conclusion. Emotions get in the way and without the ability to backspace and delete, our words get us in trouble far too often.

Communicating Effectively

Effective communication is only achieved when the one receiving the message understands the meaning of the message the sender intended to send.

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Why I read

Why I Read

I suppose I’m like most readers. I find that getting lost in a really good book is a fantastic way to escape.

“Escape.” That is the most common word used by reading junkies to explain their addiction.  We want a diversion, a chance to wander off into a different place without the hassle of packing and traveling.

Most of us read with the hopes that we’ll be carried away from our ordinary, stressful, and/or mundane lives – away from what we’re used to and into a place we find exhilarating because it’s new and different. It seems we want to be somewhere else, doing something else.  Reading a book can do that for us as a well-told story unfolds with each page we turn.

Are our lives really that bad?

Probably not.  At least, not in most cases.  A majority of us readers would report that we are quite content with our lives. We love the people in them and we are grateful to be alive. But very few of us have everything we want or can do anything we want. Perhaps that is why we read.

Why do we want to escape?

Because it’s nice to. Because reading transforms our minds into a movie screen, a vehicle, and a time machine – sometimes all three simultaneously.  As the words create images on that screen, we see, feel, and experience something previously unconsidered or, at least, presented in a such a way that we are transported away from what we know into a setting we have never before seen, felt, or imagined. We’re whisked away to a new place that has been created for our minds to explore. We meet new people and get to know them. We hate some of them because they are “bad” and we love others because they are “good” or because we can relate to them. That’s the fun in it. We experience something different and go on a journey with someone new without disrupting our real lives.


Even if it’s only temporary, the escape releases endorphins – those little bubbles of happy chemicals manufactured in our brain. They promote a sense of well-being. Reading a good book does more than just engage our brains, it makes them function better. It changes our mood and our mindset.

Reading expands our minds, our imaginations, our hopes, and, therefore, our potential. It makes us realize that there is more out there—and there’s more inside of us—than we might realize. Furthermore, if we’re reading the right kinds of stuff, it will uplift us and inspire us to some degree. But, reader beware. Find material that will help your mind grow and your imagination soar in positive ways. Don’t canker it with filth and negativity. Fill your mind with good things and watch how that will improve almost every other facet of your life. Good begets good. Positive energy creates more positive energy.

Reading is like eating for the thinker. Healthy food equals healthy body, right? Along that same line, good reading makes good brain.

That’s why I read.

Leave a comment below and tell me why you like to read. 

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