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That’s right, I’m giving stuff away, but only for a limited time. “Off Kilter,” my debut novel, will be available on Kindle for free until April 19th.

“Off Kilter” is a fast-paced race around the world with Collin Cook, an ordinary guy thrown into extraordinary circumstances by tragedy. Collin has been targeted by the nefarious cyber-terrorist, Pho Nam Penh, who has framed Collin for a rash of recent crimes. By doing so, Penh cunningly elicits the help of Interpol and the FBI in the hunt for his targeted victim, Collin Cook. Penh is after the $30 Million insurance settlement Collin received as a result of the accident that claimed his family. With the help of his ingenious friend, Lukas Mueller, a high-ranking security expert with the NSA, Collin is on the run to save his own life and prevent Penh from gaining more power.

Enjoy the adventurefor FREE!!

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