January 2018 List of Books Read

Books I Read in January 2018


As an avid reader and writer, I will try to remember to post more often about what I’m reading and, from time to time, I’ll update you on what I’m writing and how my next novel (or novella – however I decide to move forward) is coming along.

For now, here’s my list of books read last month.

I found myself engrossed in the “Jet” series by Russell Blake. These books are fascinating to me because Jet, the main character, is so lively, smart, and lethal. She’s human on the inside – meaning she has many of the same emotions you and I have, like the protective instinct for our children, love, loyalty, self-preservation. But her actions are more machine-like: swift, decisive, and deadly. She’s a beautiful woman but also a highly skilled assassin. That is an intriguing combination. And the situations in which she finds herself add to the intrigue as she bounces all over the world just looking for a safe place to call home. She doesn’t want to have to keep killing people, but it’s either that or be killed. With her skill set, the choice is obvious, but always highly entertaining to watch it play out in your mind’s eye as you rapidly turn the pages (or swipe the Kindle screen).

I’m also enjoying Rick Riordan’s “Heroes of Olympus” series with my fourth-grade son. I may be more enthralled by these books than even he is. He loves Percy Jackson but might still be a bit young for them. I, on the other hand, love the action and the imagination that goes into the writing.

I finished Michael Grumley’s most recent installment in the “Breakthrough” series as well. Like I said in my last post, his books really make me think. There are some concepts that he explores that keep churning in my head as I wonder if and when those ideas may ever become reality. He wraps these notions with enough action and intrigue and compelling characters to keep the pages turning. His books contain elements of science-fiction, techno-military, and action adventure that propel you to keep reading because, like I said, theirs plenty of brain food flowing in the pages.

I guess that’s the answer to the question, “How do you find time to read when you’re also writing?” Reading fuels my imagination and opens up my mind. Or, as they say, it sparks my muse and gets the creative juices going. Not that I try to steal other authors’ ideas or hijack their style but reading makes me think up ways to make my characters more real and their situations more life-like. Getting a fresh brain rush is always good for an author.

I’ll post another list next month to show you what I’ve read in February.

Here’s January’s list:

Ripple by Michael Grumley 448 pages
Jet #3 – Vengeance by Russell Blake 237 pages
Jet #4 – Reckoning by Russell Blake 263 pages
Jet #5 – Legacy by Russell Blake 233 pages
Total 1181 pages


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