My 2017 List of Books Read

My 2017 Reading List

2017 was a busy year for me and my family. We had a lot going on and kept ourselves quite busy. So busy, in fact, I didn’t get much hiking done and made no progress on my goal to complete the entire 2650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, although I spent some time on and around it. I just didn’t hike any new terrain; just repeated some that I had done previously.

But I digress.

Today, we’re talking about reading and the books I read and enjoyed in 2017. Here’s the list:

Jet – #.5 – Ops Files by Russell Blake 225 pages
Jet #2 – Betrayal by Russell Blake 239 pages
Total 464 pages
Damage Control by Robert Dugoni 406 pages
Total 406 pages
Breakthrough – Breakthrough #1 by Michael Grumley 324 pages
Total 324 pages
The Lost Hero – Heroes of Olympus #1 by Rick Riordan 557 pages
Leap – Breakthrough #2 by Michael Grumley 484 pages
Off Guard by . . . Me 471 pages
Total 1512 pages
Smart Social Media for Authors by Chris Syme 187 pages
Total 187 pages
Catalyst – Breakthrough #3 by Michael Grumley 438 pages
Total 438 pages
The Son of Neptune – Heroes of Olympus #2 by Rick Riordan 521 pages
Total 521 pages
Total for 2017 = 10 Books 3852 pages

As you can see, I started and made progress on a couple of series. The “Heroes of Olympus” series by Rick Riordan I am reading with my nine-year-old son who has taken an interest in the Percy Jackson books, which has rubbed off on me. I find them fascinating. Not that I liked or ever studied Greek or Roman mythology, but I am intrigued that either Mr. Riordan has spent way too much time studying the topic or has done an excellent job of making up a lot of really compelling and well-connected hogwash.

I also started reading the “Breakthrough” series by Michael Grumley, a guy I met and spent some time with in February. He’s a really nice guy who is a down-to-earth father and family man and full-time author – three qualities I aspire to. These books are long on plausible science-fiction-y imagination driven by a storyline that has some octane in it. I found them the kind of books that made me wonder at some of the possibilities he presents and where technology could someday take us in terms of our abilities to communicate with other species. While driving, my mind would be occupied by a bunch of “what-ifs” that Mr. Grumley had spun together in this series. I like that. It kept me awake on some of those long stretches of highway.

Late in 2016, a friend of mine turned me on to Russell Blake and his hard-hitting style. His stories are fast-moving tales of heroics by the highly-skilled and ever-intriguing female Mossad agent code named Jet. She’s a brilliant character. Human on the inside in term of her thoughts, motivations, and feelings while being super-human in her instincts, reflexes, and operational skills. Mr. Blake has me living on the edge of plausibility as I’m rapidly turning the pages, but it’s good entertainment. I warn you: the bodies pile up in masses as Jet moves from one sticky situation to another. But if you like thrillers like the Bourne series or Jack Reacher as I do, you’ll enjoy these books.

And, of course, since I spent hours and hours of my time writing the third book in my own action series, I had to count “Off Guard” as one of the books I read in 2017. Truth be known, I probably read it half a dozen times or more in 2017 just trying to get it right. So, if you included all those reads, my page count for the year would be much higher.

I started off 2018 with a bang, rifling through several more of the “Jet” series in January. They’re fairly short and easy to read, so I burn through them quickly. They’re also highly suspenseful and once you’re into the character and her unfolding story, you have to keep reading to find out what sort of scrape she’ll be into and out of next.

Stay tuned and I’ll update you on my January 2018 reads.

Thanks for spending some time with here with me.

Leave a comment and let me know what you’ve been reading lately.



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